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Frequntly Asked Qusetions – FAQ’s

What is an addressable LED strip?

It is a type of Led strip which has IC that allows us to control individual LED or certain group of LEDS on the strip separately. Thus it gives the ability to create amazing lighting effects and variety of lighting patterns as per our liking.

What is digital addressable LED?

Individually addressable LED strip is also known as digital addressable LED. It allows each individual LED to be controlled separately that can create any kind of light show based on our imagination.

Are 5050 LED addressable?

It means SMD5050 which denotes the physical size of the LED that is 5mm*5mm. It is actually a “tri chip”, means it has three smaller chips in every SMD.
It is not self addressable, but can be used for color changing LED strip with red, green and blue chips each.

How to convert A.C to D.C for LED lights?

A transformer is used to convert AC power to DC power to make AC power compatible with LED lights. This transformer is also known as LED driver or Power supply for LED lights.

Are LED strips AC or DC?

The answer of this question is not straight forward as we think. As per our experience LED strips are run on low voltage, so we require a power supply device that converts AC 240 volt into the voltage signal DC(12V or 24V) which Led strips can use.

However, we can also find some LED strips that run on directly AC 240 Volt. LEDs are semiconductor devices, they will only illuminate when current flows in the proper direction and the voltage meets the voltage of LEDs.
So, we can conclude that LED strip light don’t care whether AC or DC powers them; LEDs have specific operating conditions that must meet to the function. They can work on both DC and AC, but with the assistance of few devices.

How do I know if my LED strip is 12v or 5v?

If LEDs are controlled or addressed individually then voltage is 5v. If LEDs are grouped in 3 LEDs in a series will require a forward voltage of 12v.

How much power does a 5050 LED 12v consume?

The power consumption is 14.4 watt/meter.

What is the meaning of Rgbic?

RGBIC stands for red, green blue integrated circuit. By ICs we can get various effects by the combination of these three lights.

What is RGBW and RGBIC?

RGBW stands for red, green , blue and white. Along with RGB in RGBIC another color code that is white is present in the same 5050 LED. RGBW can also produce pure white light.

IS RGB or RGBIC better?

RGBIC is better than RGB, because RGBIC strips can be controlled to give various color effects which is not possible in RGB. But if we don’t want to invest much, we can go with RGB which is cheaper.

Which type of LED is brightest?

There is no straight forward answer to this question. There are different kind of LEDs with different CCT and they can be arranged in different arrays to achieve the desired brightness.
Brightness of LED strip=Luminous effect*power of strip
so by increasing luminous effect by choosing a particular type of led and arranging those in a particular array we can get the desired brightness.

What is the voltage of 5050 LED?

The voltage for a 5050 LED varies from 2volt to 3.2volt depending on the color.

How much watt is 5050 LED?

Power consumption by 5050 LED depends upon the configuration of the LEDs on the LED strip.
For 5050 LEDs in a series with 60 LEDs per meter 12 volt or 24 volt consumes 14.4 watt/meter.
For 5050 LEDs in a series with 30 LEDs per meter 12 volt or 24 volt consumes 7.2 watt /meter

Which is brighter LED 5050 or 5630?

Surface Area
Power consumption
25 sqmm
60 mA@2.8-3.4v
16.8 sqmm
150 mA@2.8-3.4v
20-30 mA@2.8-3.4v
From the above table clearly we can see that 5630 LEDs are brighter producing 45-50 lumens as compared to 16-22 lumens by 5050 LED.

How many pins is RGBW?

There are 5 pins in RGBW.

Can RGB produce white?

NO, RGB cannot produce pure white. It can produce a color close to white by mixing the three optic primary colors( Red, Green, Blue) in 1:1:1 ratio.

What are the two types of RGB?

There are two types of RGB. (1) Additive RGB (2) Addressable RGB
Additive RGB: IN this model different intensities of red, green, and blue lights are combined to create a broad spectrum of colors. When all the three colors are combined at their maximum intensity, white light is produced.
This is commonly used in displays like computer monitor, television screen.

Addressable RGB: In this LED strip each LED or certain array can be controlled independently which produce a wide range of colors and dynamic lighting effects per our need.
This is used in complex applications and where customizable lighting patterns are used like clubs and stage decoration etc.

Why is red, green and blue ?

Red, green and blue colors are choosed because by combining these three colors in different intensities variety of color patterns can be created.
The choice of only these three colors is based on human perception of colors and the way our eyes and brain process light.
The human eye has cells that recognizes colors and these are known as cone cells. These cone cells are sensitive to short(blue) medium(green), and long(red) wavelengths of light.
By combining light at the right intensities in the red, green and blue spectrum, a wide range of colors can be perceived by our eyes.

What color is RGB(0 0 0) ?

In RGB model there exist a value of red, green, and blue color for each color pattern. The values range from 0 to 255.
When all the three spectrum of colors are set to their minimum value of ‘ 0 ‘, the resulting color is black.
Therefore RGB (0 0 0 ) represents black.

Why do television use RGB instead of RYB ?

It is because RGB is a additive model. A wide spectrum of colors can be produced by combining different intensities of these color. But, RYB ( red, yellow, blue) is a subtractive model. In this model they absorb colors of different wavelengths to produce various color patterns. It is not as effective for displays, because it doesn’t cover as broad a range of colors as RGB.

What is RGBW vs RGB ?

RGB LED has three outputs( red ,green, blue) where as RGBW has four outputs (red, green, blue, white) . Along with other three colors RGBW can produce pure white light.
RGB Led strip uses a 3-in-1 5050 LED chip that is made up of red, green and blue LED diodes.
RGBW Led strip features red, green and blue LEDs, but adds a dual LED chip design that features a white 2835 LED that is pared with each of the RGB diodes.

What is CMYK used for?

CMYK stands for cyan, magneto, yellow, and key(Black) . It is a subtractive color model used in color printing and it is different from additive RGB model.
In this model
1) Cyan(C) :- Absorbs Red light
2) Magneto(M) :- Absorbs Green light
3) Yellow(Y) :- Absorbs Blue light
4) Key(K) :- Represents Black
CMYK model is based on subtractive color mixing. When these four colors are combined in different percentage on a white surface, they absorb (subtract) lights of different wavelengths. The intensities of these colors are changed to produce various color patterns including black.
It is commonly used in color printing for various applications such as magazines, broachers and printed materials.